Case of the Mondays: Google Glass Getting Mocked

Just a few weeks into the testing phase with developers across the land Google Glass is already suffering the jibes and critiques of folks like Wired Magazine, Atlantic and even Saturday Night Live.

Case of the Mondays: Guess Who Has His Own Version of Google Glass

Okay so it's not exactly Google Glass, but in the latest film of the Iron Man franchise, Tony Stark has his very own version of the technology that helps him do some really cool stuff? What stuff?

Friday Flashback -- The Cordless Phone

Don't you mean a cell phone?

Happy Earth Day From Bull City Mobile

Friday Flashback -- The Switchboard Operator

Ever watch those old movies where someone picks up the phone and says, "Hello, operator? Can you connect me to 555-2512 (it was always 555)"

Google Glass Is Here! Sort of

Friday Flashback -- The Camera Phone

Facebook's Home Takes Advantage of Google

How do you make yourself the most important thing on someone's smartphone? Create an app that makes your company the center of the universe for that phone. Enter Facebook.

Friday Flashback -- The Evolution of the Mobile Phone

With Blackberry's new Z-10 trying to claim a piece of the smartphone pie and all of the of whiz bang things we saw a couple months back at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Showcase it's amazing every now