Want to know what KLIK is?

Are you sure?

It's a new app that uses facial recognition technology to tag your friends in real-time. Yep, it knows the face of the person you're taking a photo of. So you snap a photo with your iPhone camera and your friend's name will show up next to their face ... before you take the photo

As you're zooming on your friend/wife/husband/sibling/parent/pet monkey Klik accesses Facebook, then scans the photos in your account to match the person in view. It also scans the photos uploaded on your phone.

"But what about the privacy"

Well it has some privacy built in. But think about this, a few years from now if Klik is still around there really won't be anything preventing the app from scanning anyone walking about on the street or in the public place you happen to be. Sure our current tech isn't that advanced (like in the movies) where this is a realistic possibility now. Five years from now, who knows?

Bottom Line -- Two questions
1. Do you really need to have your camera "know" who you're taking a picture of (Are you that lazy that you need your phone to tag a photo?)
2. Is this really the direction we want technology like this to go?